#2078: BalanceBolts

The average Kwik-Tire outlet will attach new rubberwear to your vehicle at a speed to rival an F1 pit crew.

This means however that your wheels will be left in a state of ovality so that even driving on a smooth road, if you can find one, won’t be much fun.

The traditional solution is to pay a bit extra to have ugly zinc weights clamped to your alloy wheel rims. Fine if you own a Rover but not acceptable if you like the wild side of 40mph.

Today’s invention therefore makes use of the otherwise ridiculous bolts which are often found on expensive wheels.

When these are rebalanced, the machine would calculate which bolts could be replaced by those of a heavier material.

You would drive off with one or two of them made with eg tungsten inserts (there would be a range of bolts made with different masses that the machine could select for the required circumferential locations)…Perfact balance but without the ugly (and potentially lethal) clamped-on ballast.

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