#2455: FolderBolster

People who drive race cars understand that they are hard to enter and exit. There may be roll cages and carbon fibre tubs to negotiate as well as seat bolsters and head restraints.

Much of this driver packaging doesn’t work very well in a road going sports car. Not only do race cars offer a restricted field of view, but ordinary drivers are a good deal fatter and less mobile than the average track pilot.

Yet, roadgoing sportscars tend to mimic the features of their racing brethren. This means that the ‘racing’ seat option will often have side and leg bolsters which rise high above the seat surface to provide some bracing as you enter the Mulsanne straight (in your dreams).

After a short while, the leather or alcantara gets so badly scuffed here that it looks like an old teddy bear’s paw. This is costly to fix/replace.

Today’s invention is therefore sportscar seats whose bolsters hinge out of the way to allow the driver/ passenger easier access (along axes A-B and B-C) (There would need to be a locking mechanism too).

Yes of course these can be motorised (at the usual enormous cost of options).

#2454: TomeTop

I live in a house with lots of books (good) and dogs (not so good).

Animals create a lot of dust and this clogs the outer page surfaces of books, even when stored in a bookcase.

Today’s invention is a better dust cover. It comes with an extra flap on one side (a) which can be folded into the other side of the cover (c), leaving a roof over the page edges (b).

A similar flap could be made to wrap the front edge of the pages (opposite the spine).

Although marginally more expensive, this dust cover could be filled with even more breathy praise for the work inside than normal…(or just ads for the next book).

#2453: Autowash

(I didn’t like yesterday’s lens cap thing, on further reflection, so I just replaced it…)

Hospitals, labs and kitchens are badly affected by micro-organisms on many working surfaces.

Normal taps are in contact with infected hands, and may act as a source of cross contamination, if they not cleaned frequently.

Today’s invention is therefore a tap shaped so as to ensure that the touched surfaces, and the user’s hands, get washed every time it’s used.

#2452: Hosecret

Garden hoses look very unnatural and out of place in a garden of which you are at all proud. Manufacturers seem to go out of their way to make them in primary colours (even the bright green versions are highly visible).

Today’s invention is therefore a garden hose with an exterior texture and bunches of simulated leaves that make the humble hose look like a natural vine or creeper.

The hose can then either be laid along a path or draped around your country cottage, once it has been used (thus not detracting from the look of your perfect lawn and weedless flowerbeds).

#2451: Moderratings

Call me an intellectual snob if you like, but I mistrust eg hotel ratings which are made by people who can’t write reasonably well.

Today’s invention is therefore to re-evaluate the ratings which people apply to products and services inversely in proportion to the calculated reading age of writers of the associated comments.

It seems that it’s not to hard these days to compute reading age, based on smallish numbers of words.

(I talked this idea over with some of the good folk at Google, but they didn’t like it).


#2441: Tapwriter

It seems that the Kremlin is thinking of returning to typewriters instead of computers. In the 1970s, the Soviets developed a special sensor which could interpret the vibrations of windows in US Govt. buildings when typewriters were in use.

They could thus read the content of any secret memos in preparation.


Although silent, non-networked machines are still used to create certain documents, I’m told, today’s invention is simply a tapper device which bumps the window with a wide variety of frequencies and amplitudes whenever a keyboard of any kind is in use in a room. It might be possible to have it tap the window according to the content of a particularly rude but non-secret message, for example.

This should effectively scramble any possible eavesdropping, for both/any sides in a future cold war.

#2435: SceneSpinner

There is a lot of irritation being caused, it seems, by people who insist on filming video in portrait mode.

When it’s displayed later online or on-screen, this can result in the appearance of two black bars on either side. Ugly, but hardly a disaster…(vertainly not if you use vimeo).


Today’s invention is a way to help cool passions on this subject.

One’s camera would tag every movie with either a ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ marker.

When shown on a monitor of the type I envisage, it would automatically rotate, using a built-in motor, to accommodate all the pixels recorded -without having to insert any black sidebars.

It might also be interesting to be able to define a vertical in an image (corresponding to say a person standing) and then have that stay vertical as the surroundings rotated.

This would allow a viewer to watch certain scenes in ‘Inception’ on a screen which was continuously rotating.

#2434: GlowHose

Clothes dryers should be cleaned out every 2-3 years, but many are never cleaned at all.

Lint starts building up inside the ventilation hose, reducing the airflow and efficiency of the dryer until it clogs or even catches fire.


Today’s invention is therefore a short light-rope supplied with each new drier hose and powered via a socket in the body of the machine.

This rope would be moored on a series of stalks inside the hose, as shown, so that when the lint had built up to a significant level, the light would be locally less visible when the machine was switched on.

#2431: BuffetBib

How do you clap or shake hands when you are holding a glass of wine and a plate of buffet fodder?

Today’s invention is a small paper tray in the form of a ‘bib’ which people can put around their neck at an event.


The front face folds down to form a tray at just less than 90 degrees to the vertical.

This tray has a slot for a wine glass, side panels and an embossed plate area into which food can be scooped.

This allows the user to concentrate more on meeting other guests than trying to juggle with the crockery.

These bibs can be custom printed for promotional purposes and folded up as a doggy bag to cut down on food wastage.

#2430: MarketPlaces

Today’s invention is a flashmob type game, with an advertising theme.

People would sign up to receive a list of street locations on their phones.


These would be sent to different people in a different, random order.

Checking in as 221b Baker Street, for example, would result in being sent another location.

As the locations are visited, streets are filled-in on a screen map.

The first person to text in the correct message, or brand name, wins a big prize.

This would potentially drive footfall to many locations in a city, as well as heightening awareness of some particular brand names.