#2077: FagFear

I’m strongly against smoking: it killed my mother.

Having said that, I really don’t want to have to share my visual surroundings with people who are carrying cigarette packets with gruesome images of gum damage and rotting lungs etc.

This imagery is supposed to discourage the use of tobacco, but if anyone in government were serious about cutting the related costs of healthcare, the price of a cigarette could be easily set at £300.

Until then, today’s invention is a slip-on cover for a standard sized pack of cigarettes. It would be plain in colour.

I’d also recommend pasting any ghastly images on the inside of the lid, so that every passing child isn’t subjected to this disturbing health porn propaganda.


  1. Perhaps your cover could in turn have a warning message that the packet contained images that some may find distressing.
    I’m surprised that cigarette cases arn’t making a come back.
    My suggestion rather than plain packaging/anti display was to only allow grumpy people to sell cigarettes

    • …Maybe just hire people to sell them who have been smoking for 20 years.

      I read a great story recently that said that planes still have to have an ashtray in the toilet because they assume people will break the rules -the plane can’t take off without a functioning ashtray. It seems there has been at least one crash caused by a badly disposed-of cigarette. Get the TSA on the case!

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