#2076: SightLine

I really dislike travelling when I can’t see where I’m going.

Today’s invention addresses this issue for train customers.

The carriages run on a track which is deliberately curved. This would make journeys longer by a factor of Pi/2 and allow only slower moving trains, but the attraction of facing forward is not to be underestimated.

In addition, seats would automatically swivel so that passengers would always be facing forward (as they look ahead out the windows along lines like the red, dotted one shown).


  1. Fun! a bit of rollercoaster in every commute train

    Although the solution might be whimsical, the problem is quite realistic.
    To get a sight where you are going might be easier by:
    – TV in carriages and a (panning) camera in front of the train,
    – maybe just broadcast it over WIFI as many passengers have smartphones, tablets etc.
    – replace the windows with LCD’s and give the traveller a menu to select scenery. You could virtual drive through Toscane while actual in the suburbs of bigciry.

    Cheaper solutions:
    – add mirror’s by the dozen near the windows to get a front/backview (adjustable with joystick!)
    – periscopes to get a 360 degree view (premium price seats)
    – fisheye lenses in the ceiling providing daylight and a 360 view
    – carriage from glass (90%)


    • I’m a major fan of any technique to allow passengers to see where they are going. One major issue is that the images and the motions have to be tightly linked…or my family will all be seriously motion sick. 🙁

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