#2079: FreshFeatures

‘Tamper evident’ is a buzzword within certain sections of the packaging industry. The pop-up screwtop on jars of jam is an example. Similarly, businesses often have their electrical gear examined and a sticker applied which says ‘Checked, on date X.’

Today’s invention is another form of anti-tamper or safety verification technology.

At its simplest, this might involve taking and laminating a picture of the unmolested item and bonding this to its outer surface. The image itself might be modified of course, so a better approach is to supply any device which has a screen with an image of each of the device’s essential features in factory-fresh condition.

It becomes very hard for anyone to hack in and change the images themselves.

This might best be employed to prove to a user that eg a microwave oven’s safety mesh was intact, or that an ATM had not been interfered with by attachment of external devices.

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