#1635: OrCan

Since it seems that everyone who drinks in the street throws their container on the ground after use, today’s invention provides a way for beverage cans and other containers to sweep themselves up when they have been discarded.

The can would have a number of rectangles scored into the surface during manufacture (somewhat like the ring-pull device on the top).

These would each have slightly different dimensions. When a drinker has drained his can, he has the option to create a strandbeest-like toy by pulling out some of the ring-pulls on the side to form tangs (just like the pegs in a barrel-organ).

When the can is rolled along the ground, the tangs will be struck like mini tuning forks, making an interesting, almost musical noise.

Eventually the cans will tend to find themselves blown into piles by the wind more easily than the unperforated can design.

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