#1636: Tempereature

Cooked food should always be served piping hot…right?

Well, surely we are past the stage of requiring that everything be sold at a potentially dangerous temperature -just to prove it has had its bacteria stunned into submission.

Today’s invention is an optional extra service for consumers of ‘fast’ food.

Children in particular have difficulty eating food that is too hot for them, so as an alternative to waiting and blowing (hardly hygienic), the proposal is for food sellers to have a portable food chiller.

Food would be thoroughly cooked as usual, but could, for an extra charge, be placed in a compact, circulatory, high-speed wind tunnel. This would be used to cool food to an acceptable, user-chosen temperature…and allow rapid, safe consumption.


  1. Nitrogen chiller could be installed next to the fish tank (the beautiful tropical fishes, remember), so that children get entertained while waiting for their food to cool down in seconds, looking at the interaction between the nitrogen cloud and water vapour coming from the food. I would enter even macdonalds for that, had they installed one…

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