#1634: APPlause

I was lucky enough to be eating a buffet lunch off a small plate today whilst also holding a glass of wine. My wife was being awarded a big poetry prize, but when it came to the point where people wanted to applaud, it was somewhat more muted than expected, since everyone had only one hand free.

Today’s invention is therefore a way to clap single-handedly.

A smartphone application allows the user to record his own two-handed clapping. This can then be replayed, using one hand, later -so that a real, personal clapping noise is generated without dropping one’s quiche and couscous.

I’d also incorporate sliders to control volume and clapping frequency…from lanquid to tumultuous.


  1. I like the idea of varying the clapping frequency. Good one!

    • Cheers, Paul. There is a whole research field developing into how people synchronise their behaviour, including clapping (without knowing they are doing it). I’m a bit concerned that if people automated their applause, without reference to each other’s frequency or volume, it might begin to sound fake.

      All it needs is some celebrities perhaps to start a meme that physically clapping one’s hands is somehow primitive or uncool…

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