#1577: TurnTorque

I’ve always been a bit underwhelmed by the way in which vehicles steer. There is such a lot of mechanical complexity and tyre scrubbing on tarmac which seems inelegant.

Today’s invention is a change of direction in changing direction.

A vehicle would have all four wheels fixed in the forward direction. To turn, the rear pair would be subject to a sharp accelerative torque, causing the vehicle to ‘pull a wheelie’. This would only need to raise the front wheels off the ground by a few mm.

Whilst the front two were airborne, one of the rear wheels would have a small extra torque applied, rotating the body of the vehicle so as to point in a new direction when the front wheels descended.

All of this would be under computer control for safety and for eg parking, the process could be repeated in reverse; applying the torque first to the front pair of wheels.

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