#1578: FallFin

When you make a parachute jump, the impact as you hit the ground is similar to that experienced when jumping off a 12 foot wall (who would be crazy enough to do that?)

You are supposed to do a parachute landing fall, but even so, many professional jumpers still get hurt on landing (especially when the terrain is rough and there is a crosswind).

Today’s invention is a device to help cushion the impact. It consists of a springy foam keel or blade in the shape of a wishbone. Before landing, the user would slot his feet into the footrests, lock his bent knees into the blade sides and hold onto the two handles.

This helps ensures the correct landing position is adopted and the blade absorbs a huge amount of impact energy when the ground suddenly rushes up.

If the blade is not broken, it could even have a small wheel fitted to allow eg soldiers to transport a significant weight when the wishbone becomes reused as a form of wheelbarrow.

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