#1039: MetricMedic

Using biometrics for access to computers is now common and works, sort of, for many low-security applications.

Today’s invention is to equip a computer mouse with a clear window in the upper curved surface where one’s hand normally rests. A small, high resolution camera shoots through the hole, together with an outgoing beam of light.


To start the machine, hold the specially curved surface of the mouse against one’s eye orbit. The light and camera are activated, taking pictures of both iris and retina.

These are automatically fed to the computer which confirms one’s identity to a very high level of precision.

The images are also stored so that, over time, these can be examined (perhaps automatically) for any telltale signs of incipient illness.

One Comment:

  1. An individual might have a cover for the generic, company mouse which was pre-fitted to their own orbit -thus providing an extra level of security…pictures taken without the right cover in place might well be out of alignment.

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