#1038: CarRack

Today’s invention is an electric car sharing scheme. In the early morning, cars are driven to multiple locations around town on the back of a transporter and dropped off in modules like the one shown.

This allows hugely increased packing density, since each vehicle has its front wheels rolled up on a track using a small hand-cranked winch (once roof is stowed and doors closed).


Customers arrive, insert their credit card and driver’s licenses into a slot in the module. This allows removal of one car from the front, leaving the rest locked together like shopping trolleys. The card number is retained until the vehicle is returned to any one of the (networked) modules.

Cars added to the back of the queue have time to be recharged (and may even have the facility to swap in a new battery) whilst waiting.

One Comment:

  1. The module could be equipped with solar arrays on the roof to help with battery recharging.

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