#445: Slowdry

I happen to have a laptop with a fanspeed that is permanently set to ‘hurricane.’ This set me thinking about ways to reuse this excessive airflow. I was almost convinced that drying nailpolish would be a good application…but how many people would be prepared to sit at their keyboard, without typing, whilst their nail varnish dried? The stench of billowing acetone would be overpowering too, I reckon.

So, today’s invention is a showercap with a lightweight hose which connects to the various fan outlets of an overblowing computer. The user can don the cap after arriving at their workstation, direct from the shower, thus saving themselves maybe 10 minutes per day using an environmenticidal hairdryer.


It may take an hour for one’s hair to dry but at least it’s an effective reuse of energy and if you want it to blow harder faster, just try working under Vista (obviously I’m not serious about that part).

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