#446: Movary camera

I was talking to a friend the other day who had managed to gain access to a very high speed camera (nominally for filming various biological processes). 2500 frames a second results in a lot of data to store and it occurred to me that much of it is bound to be of not very much happening.

Just as with the various attempts to create videophones, one way to minimise bandwidth usage and storage is to detect from frame to frame when things are changing and transmit only that changed information.


Today’s invention begins from a similar starting point. It’s a video camera which detects when frame content is changing rapidly and increases the rate at which images are captured. By contrast, the frame rate could be drastically reduced in situations where people were making movies of one static view of eg King’s College Chapel, or other essentially motionless subject matter.

This would obviously increase the amount of material which could be captured in the onboard memory of a movie camera and allow it to be more easily transmitted across networks.

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