#444: Glowstools

Having recently become a dog owner, I’m now painfully aware of the need to avoid standing in the excrement which she deposits liberally around what’s left of our garden.

You can, I understand, now buy dog food that’s laced with fluorescent material, precisely to deal with with this issue. Who knows what effect this synthetic stuff may have on the animal’s metabolism in the long term, though.


Today’s invention is an entirely organic, natural alternative.

Bioluminescent funghi, such as those available via www.nipht.com, are remarkable organisms which glow bright green. They could be supplied as a healthy food supplement for dog food (a multi-billion dollar industry). The glowing dogpoo which inevitably results would be easily detectable and removable.

Any deposits which weren’t removed (eg by irresponsible owners) would at least be avoidable and might be even more quickly broken down by the action of these smart toadstools.

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