#2678: SpannerVision

You shouldn’t really have your car serviced by people you don’t trust. There is always a first time, however, using a new garage, when you may be unsure about the quality and thoroughness of the work.

People who leave their children with child minders sometimes expect their child’s stay to be monitored by cameras…so why not extend this to those who love their vehicles?

Today’s invention is a set of say six small cameras located around a vehicle (one in the engine bay, each of the wheelwells and the boot or trunk as well as the car’s interior).

These would be highly visible so that anyone working on the car would be clear that their work could be scrutinised (perhaps wirelessly, in real time).

Certain dealerships will already use cameras to show a customer why they are being charged £80 an hour for labour. It seems only fair that car owners should be allowed to check what’s actually being done.

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