#2677: FuelFlow

You just can’t run a petrol station with a shop (and even a coffee shop) without providing people enough room to park (Shell UK, I’m looking at you).

What often happens, and drives me crazy, is that folk who don’t think clearly leave their vehicles by the pump and disappear into the shop for several cups of coffee and maybe a bit of cake oh and…Meanwhile, I’m parked behind -waiting for them to move out of the way.

Petrol stations already have automatic number plate recognition and ‘loyalty’ schemes.

Today’s invention is to fit a couple of ground cables to each pump, so that your duration there is recorded.

If you are arriving and leaving within a sensible timescale, the petrol company will credit your loyalty points account with a bonus. This will speed the flow of people through the station, without raising any issues to do with rushing.

(Personally, if people decide to eat their sandwiches, whilst sitting at the pumps, I’d be inclined to impound their car).

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