#2515: CurveAlert

I’ve been driving on country roads this Summer and been unnerved, a number of times, when turning a corner only to find a sudden stationary queue of traffic.

The cars who are coming up behind, but which have yet to negotiate the bend, really need to be warned, somehow.

Today’s invention provides that warning.

A small radio controlled-type car is dropped from the underside of a vehicle, once its hazard warning lights are activated. This would then move about and find the white line in the centre of the road.

It follows the line behind its vehicle until it just loses sight of its home registration plate and then stops. At this point, a bright emergency light on top begins to flash.

Many vehicles might deploy their little robot cars at any point along the road. Each robot would receive a signal from its own car when the hazard lights were turned off. This would be its signal to return to its own car. Those robots that failed to make it back would attach themselves to any passing vehicle. These would incorporate ownership details, so that they could be posted home.

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