#2514: CocktailCrisps

I’m a huge fan of potato crisps (or ‘chips,’ if you live in a country that serves something called ‘french fries’).

There is now a huge variety of flavours, although I’m not really convinced by the grandiose ‘Anglesey Sea Salt’ or ‘The Amazing Adventures of Salt & Vinegar.’ These are fried potatoes, people.

Anyway, today’s invention is to offer two-compartment crisp packs, each of which would be filled with totally different flavours and separated internally by a ziplock bag closure.

This allows more access to bolder, pre-tested taste experiments. I’ve discovered that eg ‘sour cream and chives’ goes rather well with ordinary ‘salt ‘n’ vinegar’ -especially if one of these has the ridged texture and the other is flat. You get much more emergent variety of taste and mouth-feel texture this way than if you just apply the combined flavour to one crisp.

Maybe packets could contain randomly-chosen combinations which you only discover by reading two internal labels?

People could post their favourite combinations online and the manufacturers could then use these to guide future product development.

(One of my offspring just drew my attention to this, which is related, but not quite the same).

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