#2508: MowAir

I dislike cutting grass. It needs to be done every week at least.

Today’s invention is an automated solution that lessens the associated boredom.

Imagine a system which consists of two small drones bolted together, but spaced a few cm apart.

The upper one of these machines carries the lower one around. The lower one then uses its blades to cut the grass as it follows the contours of the landscape (either pre-programmed or using real-time sensing).

One of the biggest pains in lawnmowing is carrying the grass to some waste bin.

In this invention, a large bin would be laid on its side at one edge of the garden.

The system would bank and blow the cut grass gradually into the bin, using its angled downdraught.

(Or you could program it to create eg a smiley face with grass cuttings left in piles).

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