#2509: FingertipGrip

In summer, I have to spray myself liberally with bug deterrent chemicals.

These come in an aerosol, which is fine when I’m spraying my head and torso.

The problem comes when applying the agent orange to my lower half. If I hold the can as normal, with my index finger on the button, c, then I have to invert the can. This is an instant spluttering fail…next to no product emerges.

So today’s invention is a simple fix. It’s a plastic shape with its ends joined by an elastic band (red). This allows the V of the shape to fit under the crimped collar of any size of aerosol and be retained there.

Now, you can place index finger under ‘b’, middle finger under ‘a’ and thumb on the button ‘c’.

This allows the bottle to stay in its normal orientation (button uppermost) whilst still giving good control of the direction of the spray.

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