Reader invention: Advertoasting

Here are a couple of genius ideas from readers Andy, Alan, Rob and Alex (with permission, of course)…

An internet enabled toaster that toasts customised advertisements on
your bread using a laser.

The toaster will be provided for free and paid for via the advertisers

Prior art: Scott van Haastrecht’s Super Mega Toaster

A thought from this morning. If the air in a Dyson Airblade hand drier
was heated up could a slice of toast be toasted more evenly?

I love these and think they are original (I have seen somewhere a memo toaster, via which family members can get their calendar entries and reminders to appear on toast).

It might be cool to print a QR code thing on one’s toast, so that you could insert it into a ‘spread’ machine which would read the code and squirt on jam or peanut butter…

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