#697: Jamjets

Call me obsessive, but I get irascible if I find butter in the jampot. It’s not as if I eat a lot of jam, but somehow the whole process of spreading one semifluid on another, using the same implement, offends me.

Today’s invention is intended to allow the application of jam (or marmalade or smooth peanut butter, if you insist) onto a buttered piece of toast/bread, without ever getting one of these venerable spreads into the container of the other.

An ordinary jamjar has the lid removed and replaced by a nozzle device. This has a bellows pump in the neck and a removable grid of nozzles at the other end. Pumping the bellows eventually drives some jam through the nozzles in little spurts -which cover the buttered surface and coalesce there without needing to be spread. To extract the dregs and clean, the grid can be removed. (Obviously ‘whole fruit’ jam or lumpy peanut butter would present a problem).

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