#2293: LightLane

More motor racing. I’m intrigued by this branch of engineering, partly because it exists solely due its use as a marketing tool.

If it didn’t sell a shedload of soft drinks or financial services, people would find themselves back racing their daily rides across muddy fields.


Today’s invention adds to the marketing circus.

Cars, especially in F1, already carry a number of cameras. They would now have to carry a high-powered projector.

A sensor in each vehicle would detect whether there was a car within one length behind it.

If there was none, the projector would display an image of their main sponsor’s logo -on the track surface (Logos have already been greatly simplified, for a variety of reasons).

As well as increasing the total advertisement real estate, this would give added incentive for tailing cars to try to catch others, to extinguish the projections of rival sponsors.

On wet days, the projection could be switched to forward-facing, out of the spray.

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