#2294: RideRoof

Googling “bicycle canopy” is a very life-affirming experience for an inventor.

The same can’t be said of the hour I just spent fruitlessly trawling the patent databases in search of prior art in connection with today’s invention.


It was pointed out, by a loyal reader recently, that you can’t ride a bike (successfully) whilst using an umbrella.

Today’s invention is a wrap-around canopy for bikes, like that on a pram, which is designed to allow control of the machine whilst lowering drag and limiting the exposure to the elements of the rider.

A bar is locked onto the seat post and runs at right angles to the direction of travel.

At each end of this are attached numerous canopy segments, some of which may be made of eg thin, solid glass-fibre and others could be made of flexible, waterproof plastic sheet supported by carbon fibre semi-ellipses. The segments might be poppered or zipped together at the edges where they meet.

There would be a transparent section to see through, a gap through which the rider’s legs could extend when stopping and slots for the wheels.

(In a very high crosswind, you might want to fold down the upper 180 degrees).

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