#2257: Serialabel

I’m told that ‘bingewatching’ of eg an entire TV series over a single weekend is a growing social phenomenon.

For those of us who are slightly less media obsessive, viewing an episode every now and then, via the now ancient DVD technology, can be deeply frustrating.


Consider, for example, the infamous boxed set. Although most players will have a ‘last time played’ memory function, this isn’t much help if you can’t remember which disc you are on.

Today’s invention is a simple labelling for discs which allows anyone to record where they stopped last time.

Discs would have episode numbers printed on them in the form of a clock face. When you put the disc away, simply leave it rotated to the ‘last episode watched’ marker, inscribed on the case.

If you live in a household with several independent viewers, one way to avoid who-watched-what-last? warfare would be to have cases come with a number of thin, disc-shaped sheets. These could be made in different diameters, centred on the hub, so that several people could record their separate histories (which might require a notch in the disc itself to ensure that it was always replaced at the same rotational position, relative to the box).

(Who am I kidding? I really want a boxed set which loads directly into a reader, box and all, and which gives no acccess to any of the disks, so that they can’t be lost, scratched etc.)

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