#2258: TapTat

I fell off my motorcucle once, mercifully at low speed, and developed a bruise on my hip that strongly resembled the stars and stripes.

Today’s invention is a temporary alternative to the tattoo.

closeup-of-a-bruise-thumb7442533 www.freeimages.co.uk

A small template in the desired shape would be snapped against the skin, probably using a spring mechanism something like a mousetrap. This would create a bruise and with no more pain than the conventional process induces.

It should also be possible to vary the local colour in such a bruise by applying a sequence of differently sprung templates to different parts of the body area involved.

Although this would not give the high definition of a conventional tattoo, this approach has the advantage that, when the love of your life changes, you need not be burdened by his/her initials forever.

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