#2238: BlastBrush

Today’s invention is a toothbrush which fires water (red) at one’s teeth whilst brushing, but which also then sucks the debris (blue) out of the mouth and down the sink.

The suction would operate just as the tube they force into your mouth at the dentist’s does -except that this would be much less invasive and uncomfortable.


The supply pressure at the tap would be used to drive water through a nozzle in the brush head, greatly accelerating the flow.

The dirty water extraction could be powered by the normal vibration motor in the handle, which would also drive a small peristaltic pump.


  1. The suction could be (partly) powered by using a “gear-wheel” that is in between the red and blue stream. The pressure of the red water let the gear wheel rotate creating some suction in the blue stream. It might be possible to make it all pressure driven.

    • Yes, that’s a good idea Rob. Nice to get rid of all of that recharging kit from the bathroom. It would probably be necesary to limit the water inflow rate to the mouth and use the diverted portion of water from the tap to drive the waste extraction.

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