#2237: Remotoroll

I was caught in deep snow, on a hill, this evening. My 2-wheel drive vehicle went so far up and no further. I wanted to push it to the kerb but was scared that any momentum would cause it to career backwards into various parked cars/ lamposts/ trees.

Today’s invention is an attempt to help people push their vehicles with more control than can be achieved when standing with the driver’s door open, ankle deep in flakes.


It takes the form of a remote control for the vehicle’s brakes.

Ideally this would operate the main brakes in a gradual way (rather than the binary states offered by the handbrake).

This could be incorporated into one’s key fob and activated only when the engine was off.

As you rock the car back and forth to nudge it backwards, the brakes could be eased off and on from outside, allowing the car to make small, controllable progress.

This system might also come with a adjustable lock for the steering which could be set before moving the car a little and then reset, iterating slowly towards a target position.

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