#2226: BracedRacer

Today’s invention is yet another bicycle frame.

It consists of a simple cross arrangement with pulleys at the extremities.


A fibre-reinforced drive belt passes around the frame as shown (red) and its tension helps to reinforce the frame itself -which could be substantially shorter and lighter than a conventional layout.


  1. This is inspirational!
    1) The chain under the saddle could drive a mechanical massage to prevent pain from sitting.
    2) The chain under the saddle could be basis for a saddle-brake
    3) follows from (2) the chain under the saddle can heat the saddle in cold days.
    (I always hate a wet saddle, why not rotate it upside down or so when parking, build in cover)
    4) I would prefer the chain to go from saddle to pedals for safety reasons

    Q: is there a mechanism to bring the movement of the chain also to the front wheel? to get a 2wheel drive?

    • Very glad you enjoyed it Rob.
      1) Actually your suggestion might be seriously valuable, given what we know about pubic nerve damage.
      2) Yes. I was thinking about some kind of extra drive input, based on sitting repeatedly on the saddle, but couldn’t easily see a good solution.
      3) WDITOT?! 😉
      4) Fair enough. Originally I thought of having a set of hand pedals as well but I felt it would be too hard to steer without a great deal of additional complexity.
      Q: This passed through my mind too, but when I sketched it the belt looked too long and the steering was, again, a bit compromised.

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