#2227: PhysiogNamy

Names and faces always get me confused. My problem is that I automatically assign each face a name I think is appropriate…even if that isn’t the individual’s actual name.

This becomes particularly difficult when trying to follow a story.


Game of Thrones is an example of a “sprawling ensemble cast“. Each episode contains a new stream of characters with names that are complex and don’t map onto faces very easily, at least for me.

It’s particularly bad when characters refer to others who aren’t present.

Today’s invention is therefore a bonus feature built in to DVDs (or which could be driven by a smartphone app).

Every time a name is used in dialogue, a small portrait of that character would flash up in say the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Ideally, I’d like this to be a zoomed window onto a family tree so that the relationships between people could be made clearer.

Those that don’t have my mental difficulties could have this feature switched off, of course.

I just noticed that the DVD packaging contains a number of family trees but no portraits -there is a real opportunity to add on-screen value here.

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