#2200: ArMouse

I sometimes develop muscle strain when using a mouse for extended periods (ie all day).

My elbow also suffers from the effects of being pressed to a desktop as it acts as a fulcrum for the mouse-wielding hand.


Today’s invention is therefore a mouse which sits under one’s elbow and provides a comfortable pad which also has a low friction undersurface, so that the elbow can move freely wherever it needs to.

This would have a flat arm extending across the desk with a jointed front section to which one’s favourite mouse could be clipped.

This would allow full normal wrist movement but with added support.


  1. Why not just use a trackball mouse?

    • Hi Maximillian,
      Well I guess it’s because most of the trackballs I ever used left my elbow (and wrist) sore after a few hours’ use.

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