#2198: PlayScales

I’ve written in the IOTD ebook about imagining myself small enough to fit inside a model aircraft or a Lego house.

I used to find this much easier to do as a small child than I do now.


Taking up a different point of view, by projecting your mind inside small structures, is a way to spur creativity, but it’s also great fun.

Today’s invention is a theme park in which many childhood toys are scaled up to full-size, whilst still retaining all the characteristics of the toys themselves.

This might mean squeezing through the window of a matchbox car with solid doors and a one-piece, low-resolution, red plastic interior, or having tea with a lifesized Barbie in a scaled up dolls-house.

Personally, I’d be keen on Scalextric at 1:1 (would the speed scale linearly?)

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