#2065: SteerSpare

Cars often carry a spare wheel which is narrower than the normal ones in order to save space.

Today’s invention takes that idea to an extreme by using an ultra-thin spare wheel as a part of the steering mechanism.

In an emergency, the airbag (orange) would be removed and the spare wheel extracted and fitted on an axle.

Refitting the airbag container would allow this to continue to fulfil the role of temporary steering wheel.


  1. Allways wondered why a car needs a spare wheel as three wheels is in theory more stable than four – at reasonable speeds.

    If the car would allow to place/move the remaining good wheel to the middle (either back or front) it would be stable again. This would mean that propulsion would have the cardan on 1/4 iso on 1/2 of the wheel-axis (right word?)

    just thinkiing out loud,

    • Yes, I can see that moving the remaining wheel on an axle to the middle of that axle would be a potential get-you-home solution…is that what you meant?

      Might be difficult applying that to the front pair, though not impossible.

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