#2064: ScrollScreen

In open-cockpit motorsports and motorcycle events each driver’s helmet has several layers of see-through plastic film covering the visor, which can be torn-off as it gets dirty during a race.

These sheets of plastic although flimsy, add to the bucketloads of detritus that end up on the track (such as the rubber crumbs shed by tyres).

It’s also possible for one of these sheets to get sucked into an engine intake…no laughing matter at approaching 200 MPH.

Today’s invention is therefore a new racing visor which tilts up in the usual way but which has two small canisters (orange) fitted near the visor hinges.

One of these contains a roll of transparent film and the other a small motor. This moves the film across the visor gradually throughout a race so that no build-up of dirt can occur and no driver need be distracted by removing a tear-off strip.

The film would be retained safely within one of the canisters (and might later be analysed to assess the variation in insect and road dirt accumulated as a function of race time.

The transparent material might even be preprinted with information useful to the driver at a particular time in the race. Providing an extra length of film would allow the motor speed and direction to be remotely controlled to generate an overlay specific to some tactical instructions.

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