#2041: AltShot

I’m amazed by how many, high-end cameras are used purely to take the obvious, walk-up snapshots of well-known scenes.

Today’s invention makes use of those advanced cameras -which can usually connect to the Internet.

When one approaches any given location, your camera would be told about the positions from which local photos have been most frequently taken.

If you are about to use your expensive, artistic photographic tool to replicate a scene taken by 2,000 others that day, you would receive a message to that effect.

You would also get some directions to a less popular viewpoint, as well as extra suggestions such as ‘try a different height/ filter/ foreground subject/ lens’ etc.

One Comment:

  1. why not merge all those 2000 photos into one real highres (3D?) picture?
    2000 x 5 Megapixel = 10 Gigapixel => assume 1% usable => still a 100Mpix image.

    Of course you could make 10-20 pictures yourself to be intelligently merged by your camera into one “hyper-picture”

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