#2042: BeerBeads

Every advertisement for beer shows the bottles covered in condensation.

It makes the drink look much colder and more enticing for having just emerged from the fridge.

Today’s invention is therefore to create beer bottles which have apparent condensation droplets moulded into the surface (whether glass or plastic).

This makes even bottles sitting on an unchilled shelf seem much more attractive to a thirsty shopper (and could also be applied to lesser drinks).


  1. Hi Patrick,


    Maybe only half of the bottle should be “condensed” – the advertizing side. Then if the bottle is in the fridge and it has the same amount of condense on the other side you know the temperature is right.

    The bubbles gives the bottle a better grip,

    The bubbles should contain (braille) information
    – feel the right drink in the dark
    – names / logos / constellations etc

    The bubbles could be made of a slow evaporating layer that indicates the age of the bottle.
    – for wine the year could be written in bubbles

    Two bubbles opposite to each other can act as lenses to see who’s on the other side of the bar 😉


    • Wow Rob, you are on such a roll!

      Better grip is a good one, but I particularly like the idea of messages in the drops -especially braille.
      Maybe also inject some realistic bubbles in the body of the wall?..if you could do this in molten glass without weakening it significantly, you could have all sorts of embedded messages.

      On which theme, see today’s Invention…

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