#1988: HideHide

Today’s invention is a new form of camouflage.

It takes the form of a roughly leaf-shaped piece of soft foam. This is a shallow, 3D wedge which has velcro tape on the underside. The basic uniform would have corresponding velcro patches attached.

Many lightweight wedges could be carried, highly compressed in a vacuum pack until required. They would then be attached randomly across eg a soldier’s uniform, even overlapping in places so as to disrupt his/her shape by casting numerous shadows mostly within the wearer’s outline.

This foam could act as extra insulation in cold weather and could be easily soaked in water to hide from heat sensors.

The wedges could be attached to vehicles too and some might be fitted with nylon ‘stalks’ so that the leaves were free to move a little in the breeze and thus lessen the apparent solidity of the underlying object.

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