#1987: LogoLock

It seems that users of Apple laptops are victims of the anomaly that the big Apple logo on the lid needs to lie with leaf uppermost when they are about to open the shell.

Then, when it’s opened, everyone passing sees them using a machine with the logo upside down…(I wonder if Samsung have trademarked the Apple logo thus inverted? ; )

Today’s invention is a simple mechanism to allow this ‘problem’ to be overcome.

In diagram A, a user rotates the apple badge on the outside of the case anticlockwise, using the ‘bite’ for purchase. This disengages a catch (pink) inside the lid.

Opening the lid (B) allows the badge, whose axis is above its center of mass, to fall into the correct orientation as viewed by a passer by.

When finished, the user shuts the lid and spins the badge back until the catch re-engages.

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