#1935: Velcropen

There is now a fashion for not wearing ties, even whilst sporting a suit. It’s clearly more comfortable to leave one’s top button undone.

This, I’ve noticed, causes men, especially those with lardy white necks, to look really untidy about the neck region -as their collars sag open limply.

Today’s invention aims to fix this -unobtrusively. A strip of velcro is attached inside the shirt, as indicated by the blue patch (bottom right). Note that the collar is comfortably open but still retains a smart appearance.

The top image shows the two edges of the shirt (blue) held in place by the velcro strips (red and green) below the level of the top, undone button (the black lines are the regions of adhesive backing, left in place).

The lower image illustrates that this comfortable solution can be easily undone to remove the shirt.

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