#1934: BuyerBays

Supermarkets are keen to offer ‘loyalty’ programmes to their customers. Today’s invention is an additional scheme.

Customers wanting to be involved in the programme would be issued with a recycled mobile phone with a housing to attach it to their windscreen, facing out.

A section of the carpark near the front door would be reserved for those customers who had spent the most on their last visit (or series of visits).

Customers in search of a parking space (within a day’s walk of the shop) would cruise past this premium area. If eligible to park there, the phones on either side of a gap would suddenly flash their screens.

These privileged drivers could also request by text that their cars be filled with fuel, water etc whilst in the shop, via a mobile service station vehicle.

A more refined version of this idea might allocate spaces within the special section according to the spend history of individual drivers, so that really big spenders would end up right outside the entrance.

Anyone parking there without having been signalled to do so would be clamped.

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