#1879: SleePod

It’s getting ever harder for hotels (and airlines) to justify their prices, especially in the business class market segment where expenses are being squeezed.

Today’s invention offers a new feature that might help everyone concerned.

This is in the form of a sleep ‘pod’ which has computer controlled lighting, sound effects, thermal management, aroma and mattress characteristics.

This unit would allow a traveller to climb into a luxury version of a Japanese hotel capsule, placed in their room, and seal themselves in.

The pods would be of a uniform high-quality design, that could even be accommodated within an aircraft.

Once inside, an occupant would plug in their memory stick containing all the prerecorded data about the lights within their bedroom at home, the sounds of their partner sleeping and the stiffness distribution of their own bedsprings.

This would help eradicate the problem of failing to sleep in a strange bed when on a business trip, where sharp, well-rested wits are especially required the next day.

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