#1867: Crowdsafe

It seems that significant numbers of people wearing earphones are so absorbed in their music that they step into the path of oncoming vehicles.

This will become an increasing problem when vehicles become electrically-driven.

Today’s invention offers improved safety for these people. It takes the form of a microphone mounted on the headphones.

When other people see you about to step off the curb at a dangerous moment, they simply say the word ‘HALT’ or some other easy, universal keyword -even if they are across the street.

The headphone system is programmed to detect and recognise this term and will at once issue a verbal warning to the wearer.

This might say “Stop MrX” or simply deliver a loud, simulated engine noise or screeching brakes to one ear.

In this way, an individual can be more safe because of the vigilance of the crowd around him.

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