#1866: Clapbelt

Everyone who has ever had children travel in their car will understand what a total pain it is that they can never seem to do up their own seatbelts.

It takes children years to develop the dexterity and focus to strap themselves in and even then when you ask…”are you buckled in?” the answer can’t be fully trusted until they are about 25.

Today’s invention is a small speaker module which clips on to the buckle of a child seat. When the seat buckle is locked, a circuit is made that causes a sound chip in the module to emit a brief message -eg applause or a congratulatory remark.

This provides added incentive to a child to try to clip themselves in safely and also confirms for a parent in the front that this has been achieved.

The incentive might be further increased by having the module record and mention the name of the individual child in question.

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