#1808: Spinstilettos

High heels aren’t really made for walking in. They also have a tendency to cause ankle and leg injuries.

Today’s invention is a high-heel shoe which has a slight platform sole and in which a gyroscope with a vertical axis is located.

Every time the shoe is placed on the ground, the gyroscope fires up in order to maintain the sole parallel to the floor. This stabilises the wearer’s ankle, making it much less likely that she will fall over.

Once the shoe is lifted off the floor, the gyroscope is braked, so that normal leg movements are again possible.

This might also keep the wearer’s feet warm, whilst traversing eg a red carpet.

One Comment:

  1. I guess several small gyros per foot would work better and some kind of KE recovery mechanism would limit the wastage of battery energy during all that braking between steps. Ideally, I’d want to drive the gyros partly using energy from the motion of walking itself.

    Safer? possibly. Graceful? maybe not.

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