#1807: Lmobile

Those learning to drive have a hard time.

Once you can drive, though, it’s easy to swap to a new vehicle. Today’s invention is therefore a specialist car for learners.

Painted in bright yellow, for extra detectability, it has a number of special features.

As well as extra elastic bumpers (1), it has mirrors equipped with cameras which can tell when the learner is looking at them (2). These would ensure that signalling and changing direction only happened after checking behind.

The instructor would have dual controls but would be seated in the rear, so as to allow for better visibility and a greater sense, in the mind of the pupil, of their being in control (3).

Doors would be transparent for improved vision but also to provide an understanding of the vulnerability of car occupancy (4).

Lastly, (5) data from the vehicle’s sytems could be recorded on an onboard computer for later interpretation.

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