#1661: NeedlePoints

Some trains are constantly being delayed by having to wait for higher priority ones to pass.

Today’s invention is a way to democratise the interaction between such trains.

Just as with eg two crossing streams of formation motorcyclists, the idea is that these trains would space out before a crossing and then pass through it, one carriage from each train in turn.

To maintain control, the trains shown as red are mechanically linked by a high tensile rod running beside the track and passing through the small gaps in the points.

The blue carriages are linked by overhead mechanical rods.

In this way, it would be possible to arrange all trains to have (—overhead—tracklevel—overhead—) connections between carriages and thus any train could pass through any other without significant delay to either

One Comment:

  1. *Nonsense. A little more thought and I proved that, to have one train pass through another, you either need:
    a)to have one train with all overhead connectors and the other with all points-level connectors.
    b)connectors which can switch from over to under.

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