#1660: Repelmet

The secret of reducing the peak force between objects during any collision is to arrange for the impact to be somehow smeared in time.

People who play American Football sustain frequent head-to-head collisions which may prove to have been bad for their brains.

Today’s invention is a modification to the football helmet. These already incorporate air dampers to prolong any contact force which the wearer’s head feels.

An additional measure would be to embed some neodymium magnets under the helmet surface -all with like poles pointing outwards.

When two helmets are about to collide, the enormous repulsive force between magnets would gradually reduce their relative speed so that the peak impact force would be greatly reduced….thus saving them from potential concussions.

(Helmets left by the side of the field would need special consideration, given that the poles inside one would attract those outside another, so that adjacent helmets would leap together).

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