#1590: RopeProps

I have a pretty boring car but I’d still like to preserve it until I can afford a real one. So when people bang the doors of my vehicle shut, I lose my sense of proportion (such as it was).

Today’s invention is a simple add-on to stop the eardrum and door-catch damage caused by well meaning, but mechanically inept, door users.

Each door has a nylon rope attached to it firmly. Along the length of each rope are tough foam cylinders.

When someone is getting out of the car, just as they are about to slam a door shut, the driver, who is holding the other end of the rope, pulls it tight whilst gripping the nearest cylinder.

Like the legs of those wooden toys that collapse when their elastic limb cores are slackened, the door in question would be braced -even against an enthusiastic exiter. You could say “I’ve got the door, thanks” and then pull the rope until the door closed properly.

These props would be flexible enough to lie within the car out of the way when not being used and might even offer a new chivalry in that once a door catch was released, the driver could push the door open from a seated position.

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