#1591: Volumesh

Someone recently said “You’re an Inventor? What can we buy that you’ve invented?” Good question.

The expert staff at Maplins (“sorry we don’t have that in stock”) tell me that I’m not supposed to use crimp connectors on solid wire. Bull.

Today’s invention is a way to build 3-D models and sculptures using these connectors and solid, garden-quality iron wire. Once each section of wire has a connector crimped (hard) on the end, they can be joined, several at a time, using a nut and bolt. This can be used to make robust, 3-D forms of everything from DNA to Buckyballs to birds. I tend to favour uniformly triangular connectivity.

If you fancy your own sculpture, I’m now selling plans at £5 and kits at £50. I also do commissions -just email me.

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